I love capturing people, especially in the candid moments where they’re being their beautiful selves, uninhibited by the glare of a big lens. I’ve photographed baby showers, vigils, chamber music performances, publicity shots, gigs & festivals, formal portraits, motorcycle festivals, back yard cricket matches – you name it. Check out some of my shots here.

Drop me a line to receive a quote. Happy to offer a discount to community / not-for-profit groups.

Wedding photojournalism

My wedding photography style is to stand back and let your day unfold naturally. I aim to capture the emotion and atmosphere of your day with candid beautiful images. You may want every minute of the day covered, or just a few hours – I’m happy to work in with your needs.

Here are some ballpark details & numbers to get you started but please feel free to drop me a line to discuss your vision & budget:

  • Me for a half day (approx. 6 hours), $1,200 inc GST
  • Me for a full day (approx. 12 hours), $2,500 inc GST
  • Me for a full day (approx. 12 hours) plus a second photographer for 4 hours, $3,200 inc GST

For a full day of photography you’ll receive around 400-600 colour photos in high res along with a selection in black & white, which you can do with as you will. I’ll get a selection of favourites through to you within two days, and the remaining will be with you within a month. Pricing may vary depending on travel time. Happy to discuss a pre-wedding / engagement shoot at a scenic location as well.

I look forward to chatting with you about your special day – contact me here.